Color this with me! Free Floral design for Procreate

We’ve talked many times about the power of calligraphy in terms of relaxation, mindfulness and stress relief… Well, there’s another creative activity that shares those benefits.

Colouring in has been known to relax the mind, improve motor skills and reduce anxiety. Today I want to bring a bit of stress relief to your life so I’ve got this beautiful floral Procreate design for you! You can download the Procreate artwork below including printable version & color palette.

In the video below, I’ll show you some quick tips & tricks for colouring, including layer masking tips and how to easily create colour palettes from images or photos.

Brushes used :

🖌️Texture Toolkit (crosshatch, stippling dots sparse, wave

🖌️Essentails for Calligraphy (brush script smooth)

Learn Calligraphy
on the iPad
from Scratch!

Create stunning calligraphy in Procreate with no experience or special tech skills (even if you have messy handwriting and don’t think you have enough time)


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