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A Complete Guide to Copperplate

Copperplate Calligraphy is a beautiful style with elegant curves and graceful strokes. Whether you have an existing practice with pointed pen and would like to try your hand at digital, or are completely new to Calligraphy, this guide will teach you the fundamentals you need to master this age-old artform.

Writing individual letters and beautiful script are two very different things. This guide is different to the usual exemplar. Rather than just the letterforms on a page, it provides a linear journey with intricate details from the basic strokes, lowercase letterforms through to spacing and connection rules for writing words, finishing with the Uppercase letterforms.

Made especially for the iPad Pro and Procreate App with the Apple pencil (or another pressure sensitive stylus). Never used Procreate App before? Full instructions for getting set up are provided, plus the brush you will need for your dramatic thick and thin strokes thrown in for free!

You can watch tutorials all day, but the only way you’ll improve your skills is with hands on practice. Separated into bite-sized modules of 5 letters each, fitting perfectly into a 20-30 minute practice session. You’ll be writing beautiful script in no time!

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Copperplate Basic Strokes


Great for beginners as well as seasoned calligraphers, basic strokes modules are included for both the Upper and Lowercase Letters. Detailed instructions and practice drills to learn your thicks from your thins or just get warmed up.


Detailed instructions and drills for the lowercase letters.

Learn how to correctly connect and space your letters to take your new skills to the next level and start writing words.

Copperplate Uppercase


Once you’re familiar with the lowercase letters and spacing, the next modules cover the Uppercase Letters.  You’ll be writing beautiful script in no time!

Pencil and Paint Kit for Procreate

Pencils and Paint Kit for Procreate

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