Texture Toolkit for Procreate


Easily add textured grain and detailed shading to your work with this pack of 36 specialised texture brushes for Procreate!

Texture is one of the key pillars in design. Digital work is immediately enhanced by adding real-world tactile feel with brushes including hatched shaders, dots, lines, rough inkers and subtle grains.

Stippling by hand is crippling work. Rather than risk RSI, there is a variety of stippling dot brushes included to make complex shading a breeze!  Add textured patterns to illustrations and lettering with a selection of seamless pattern brushes including diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines, allowing you to preserve your time and patience for the creativity.

Plus you can easily create a subtle soft speckle to your work, or fill entire areas with high contrast grain to age your canvas without leaving Procreate!

Carefully crafted and thoroughly tested for no obvious repeated areas.

What’s included :

  • 36 high quality brushes :
  • 20 pattern shaders
  • 9 handy inker brushes
  • 7 textured grain brushes (both subtle and high contrast)

These Brushes are compatible with the Procreate + Apple Pencil (or other pressure sensitive stylus).

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Texture Toolkit Brushes for Procreate - Pattern Shader Brushes
Texture Toolkit Brushes for Procreate - Textured Inker Brushes
Texture Toolkit Brushes for Procreate - Textured Grain Brushes
Texture Toolkit - Hunky Dory
Texture Toolkit example - floral color in


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