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14 Essential Calligraphy Brushes for Procreate


Create beautiful calligraphy on your iPad with this pack of 14 brushes for Procreate.

The instant download includes 5 popular calligraphy style brushes, from formal & elegant script to bouncy modern calligraphy. Brush script lettering with smooth edges plus a textured option to give your work a gritty finish. As well as a Monoline brush with an even stroke thickness.

Plus 9 helpful Guideline Brushes. These handy brushes paint guides on a separate layer giving your work consistency in size and slant. There’s no need to import those guide images anymore! Great for adding diversity to your work with a variety of different angles to choose from.

What You Get:

5 Calligraphy Brushes:

  1. Copperplate/Formal Script Brush
  2. Modern/Casual Script Brush
  3. Brush Script Smooth
  4. Brush Script Textured
  5. Monoline Brush

(All calligraphy style brushes have pressure sensitivity settings, apart from the Monoline Brush)

9 Guideline Brushes at various angles and x-heights:

  1. 55 degree Angle  (Suggested style: Formal Script)
  2. Straight Middle x-height (Suggested style: Modern Script)
  3. 45 degree Angle (Suggested style: Slanted Brush Script)
  4. 60 degree Angle(Suggested style: Slanted Brush Script)
  5. Straight Tall x-height (Suggested style: Straight Brush Script)
  6. Straight Divided (Suggested style: Great for Serif and San Serif Lettering)
  7. Straight (Suggested style: Great for Uppercase Serif and San Serif Lettering)
  8. Horizontal Lines (Perfect for any style)
  9. Dot Grid (Perfect for any style)


Click here to see a video demo of two of the brushes included.

This pack contains brushes I use on a daily basis and couldn’t do without, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

** Please Note: these brushes will only work with the Procreate App and the Apple Pencil or a pressure sensitive stylus **

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1 review for 14 Essential Calligraphy Brushes for Procreate

  1. Rosie Clark

    I love these brushes,in fact I use them all the time. The copperplate especially, but the guide line brushes are real life savers. If you’re wondering which brush bundle to purchase first,I would highly recommend this one.

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