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Learn Copperplate Calligraphy on the iPad with Procreate


This downloadable guide includes the fundamentals you need to master Copperplate style Calligraphy on the iPad. Made especially to use with Procreate and the Apple pencil. The practice drills are split into bite-sized modules so you can improve one step at a time. Procreate files are set up and ready to go.

What’s included:

  • Clear and easy-to-follow instructions for setting up your Procreate Workspace
  • Basic strokes instructions and practice sheets
  • All lowercase letters with instructions and practice sheets
  • All uppercase letters with instructions and practice sheets
  • Letter connections and spacing
  • Blank guide sheets to practice on your own
  • All modules included as PDFs and image files (13 x modules)
  • BONUS free brush that paints a 55 angle grid to quickly get guidelines in any Procreate file
  • BONUS free Copperplate brush, perfect for this style!

What do I need to use it? 

All modules are included as PDF and image files which are printable and readable on any device, though the practice sheets are designed to use with the Procreate app on the iPad with the Apple Pencil.

Download a Free Sample 

Click here and download a free sample module to give you a flavour of the premium guide. The zip file contains the Module 2 Procreate File (lowercase letters a-e) and PDF.


5 reviews for Learn Copperplate Calligraphy on the iPad with Procreate

  1. Cameron Brown

    What a great way to learn a new skill! The way the system integrates with Procreate and the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro is fantastic, and the service I have received when I had a question was excellent.

    Have a go, and enjoy learning a beautiful writing system.

  2. Jake Rainis

    As someone who has been practicing calligraphy for several years now, I wasn’t sure whether this course would be beneficial in my learning. However, I had just purchased an iPad Pro and I was interested in trying some digital calligraphy. Plus, at such a reasonable price point, what did I have to lose?

    After just a couple minutes of practice, I had already gotten my money’s worth. The digital materials that come with this course are beautifully designed, easy to use, and extremely thorough. The files are broken down logically and come with instructions on how to set up all of the modules in Procreate. Even for someone who has never used the app (like me), getting up and running is a breeze.

    One thing that sets this course apart from other courses is the fact that it is 100% hands on. Instead of long videos of an instructor slowly talking you through each letter, you work through a series of worksheet-style guides. Through repetition, you’ll quickly gets a feel for how each letter is structured.

    The course is a linear journey beginning with basic strokes of lowercase letters and continues on through the more complex strokes of the uppercase alphabet. But even after you complete the modules, the general guides (and free brushes!) provide you everything you need to get working independently on your own calligraphy.

    This course is perfect for first timers, seasoned calligraphers, and everyone in between. The instructor did a wonderful job of taking the fundamental teachings of an age-old artform and applying them tastefully to a new-age digital medium. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in typographic art.

  3. magdawardecka9

    A great course for beginners 🙂

  4. Patricia Anne clark

    This is a great course. I’m a total beginner with Procreate and calligraphy. The instructions were very easy to follow thank you.

  5. Pei-Lynn

    As someone who had never tried calligraphy before- I am really happy that I found Nicole’s iPad Calligraphy modules to get me started. I was able to learn everything at my own pace and could pick it up or put it down whenever I wanted to. Going through the lessons on Procreate meant that I could practice as much as I wanted thanks to the practice sheets.

    What I appreciate most is that there is always more to learn. After I had finished learning the basics of the strokes and lowercase letters, there were lessons that covered uppercase letters, and ultimately full words. The breakdown of the skills into manageable parts made learning calligraphy easier than I thought and helped me retain what I had learned. Now, I can pick up my iPad and Pencil and write confidently even if I had taken a week or maybe even a month off.

    Lastly, I cannot leave out my admiration for Nicole as a person. She is incredibly warm and supportive. When I had an issue accessing the modules, she not only responded quickly to my emails but was proactive and let me know how to access the other modules so I would not have trouble again. She genuinely cares about teaching and sharing her knowledge and skills. Her level of engagement with her audience is makes her an unique designer and creator. I look forward to continuing my calligraphy journey with Nicole!

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