5 x Word Guide Bundle! (save 30%)


*** Note: these worksheets are no longer available to purchase. You can get a free iPad Calligraphy Starter Kit here ***

Buy 5 Issues of the Word Guides and save 30%!

After you’ve put in time learning the letterforms and connections, now is the fun part –  writing full words! You’ll find it easy to get in the ‘zone’ with these Procreate word practice guides, providing a tracing row to build muscle memory first, and then a blank row beneath allowing you to reference the word while you try it out on your own. There’s also a blank guidelines sheet layer provided to test out your progress. This 3 step process is the best way to test and develop your skills!

A pressure sensitive Copperplate Calligraphy brush is provided, along with a bonus brush that paints the guidelines.

Issue 1 words : Luminous, Thrive, Queen, Modern, Byron, Word, Passionate, Focus, Dream, Breathe.

Issue 2 words : Just, Elegant, Winston, Happy, Minimum, Wellness, Volume, Inspire, Youthful, Botanical.

Issue 3 words : Uplifting, Country, Royal, Easier, Thursday, Shine, Ocean, Perfect, Winter, French.

Issue 4 words : Release, Evening, Progress, Over, Indulge, Chianti, Balance, Message, Home, Space.

Issue 5 words : Fresh, Almond, Kindness, Garden, Change, Manual, Luxury, Feather, Lifestyle, Enchanted.

What’s included : 

  • 5 x Procreate file with 10 practice words each (total 50 words)
  • Brushset file with 2 brushes
  • Printable PDFs of the workbooks
  • Video instructions for installation and how to use the guide
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Out of stock



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