3 x Word Guide Bundle! (save 25%)

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*** Note: these worksheets are no longer available to purchase. You can get a free iPad Calligraphy Starter Kit here ***

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Word Guide Issue 1

Words 1-10 - Luminous, Thrive, Queen, Modern, Byron, Word, Passionate, Focus, Dream, Breathe.

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Word Guide Issue 2

Words 11-20 - Just, Elegant, Winston, Happy, Minimum, Wellness, Volume, Inspire, Youthful, Botanical.

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Word Guide Issue 3

Words 21-30 - Uplifting, Country, Royal, Easier, Thursday, Shine, Ocean, Perfect, Winter, French.

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Word Guide Issue 4

Words 31-40 - Release, Evening, Progress, Over, Indulge, Chianti, Balance, Message, Home, Space.

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Word Guide Issue 5

Words 41-50 - Fresh, Almond, Kindness, Garden, Change, Manual, Luxury, Feather, Lifestyle, Enchanted.

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