Get these iPad Calligraphy workbooks before they disappear for good!!

There was a time not that long ago, when lettering on the iPad with Procreate was novel and new with only a select few places to find learning materials and resources. These days, the interweb is literally SATURATED with Procreate brushes and iPad lettering practice guides.

This is wonderful, but the problem is it can be hard to filter quality from the not-so-hot. A lot of the practice sheets look the same, offering modern style that is more handwriting than calligraphy and lacks a lot of important traits that can be easily overlooked (but that make all the difference). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good modern style written with a confident hand, but there are letterform and spacing rules that are important to know in order to develop your own style. If you are tracing over letterforms that were not constructed properly to begin with, you will inherit these habits to your muscle memory, and that is especially hard to shake.

Calligraphy Supplies for Digital Scribes

That was one of the reasons the Copperplate Calligraphy Guide for the iPad was initially created. There was nothing like this out there at the time, and I felt this beautiful style was being overlooked (and it still is)! I wanted to ensure there were proper instructions available for the iPad, (not just offline) so anyone who prefers to work digitally could achieve this beautiful, elegant script too!

You might be aware of the current version of the guide, which has been really popular, teaching hundreds of students the foundations of Copperplate in Procreate since 2016 (and almost 5 thousand of you taking the intro course). Over time, much has evolved and changed with the Procreate app – the brushes are smoother, there are better methods to import files and the app has generally improved.

Learn Calligraphy
on the iPad
from Scratch!

Create stunning calligraphy in Procreate with no experience or special tech skills (even if you have messy handwriting and don’t think you’re creative enough)


I’ve also spoken to students along the way and received excellent feedback on how to improve the layout and make it more user friendly with better instructions and support.

Taking all this into account, I’ve been working on an update to this guide for months, and I am happy to say it will finally be available next week!

The updated guide contains 14 workbooks of procreate practice sheets & training, and is coming out next week. I wanted to let you know in advance for two reasons.


The first reason is…

… the ‘Letter Connections & Spacing’ module will be removed from the new version of the guide. This module goes into how to connect letters to each other and how much space to give between the letters when writing words. It was too much information to fit, and I wasn’t able to give it the proper detail it deserved, so version 2 of the guide **will NOT include** Letter Connections & Spacing. I will be expanding with more levels of study in the future, but until then if you want to get your hands on the Connections & Spacing module + the Bonus 16 words practice sheets, now is the time to buy before it disappears!

Copperplate Calligraphy on the iPad - Free word guides
Above shows one of the 8 word guides which will be removed (there are 4 in total = 16 practice words)

The second reason is…

… the price is going up. Yes, as many people have told me the price has been too low for too long and it’s time to increase it. With the new version containing many improvements, it feels like the right time to do this. I wanted to let you know so you don’t get a surprise next week when the price goes up to $29. BUT the good news is, if you purchase the current guide before the 11th July, you’ll will not only get the cheaper price ($23), but you will also automatically get sent a FREE upgrade to version 2 shortly after it comes out next week! AND you’ll be locked in to receive any future updates for free too.

Even if you’ve completely new to Procreate, this guide is user friendly and walks you through everything you need to know. I have a lot of new material in the pipe-line which will dive deep even further into Copperplate. This guide is Level 1 and I would love you to come on this journey with me! Now is the time to get serious if this is something you are interested in.

I’ve put a little timer here below so you can see how long you have to get version 1 before it’s gone:

Get your copy of Copperplate Calligraphy on the iPad now!

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