Peek inside the new Copperplate Guide for Procreate

Today is the day and I’m happy to say, the new and improved Copperplate Calligraphy guide for Procreate is now available! 

This guide has been my baby. I know that sounds silly, but really, I haven’t stopped planning improvements since it was first launched in 2016. I even got on the phone with past students to get their feedback. And all those tweaks and iterations are finally live!

The new version of the guide still contains the same great training, including : 

  • Basic strokes with instructions and practice sheets
  • All lowercase letters with instructions and practice sheets
  • All uppercase letters with instructions and practice sheets
  • Blank guideline sheets to practice on your own
  • Printable PDF’s included (optional)
  • Pressure sensitive Copperplate style Procreate brush
  • Bonus free guidelines brush

Learn Calligraphy
on the iPad
from Scratch!

Create stunning calligraphy in Procreate with no experience or special tech skills (even if you have messy handwriting and don’t think you’re creative enough)


So what’s changed in version 2?

  • An additional workbook for learning the numbers
  • A new ‘All the Letters’! cheat-sheet you can easily reference and practice all letterforms at once
  • New and improved Copperplate Brush (utilizing Procreate’s latest smoothing setting)
  • The overall design is cleaner, the pages now fit the iPad landscape screen perfectly 
  • There are beautifully designed covers for each section 
  • Clear and easy-to-follow video instructions with step-by-step guide to installing your to getting set up in Procreate 
  • Video instructions on tips & tricks for using Procreate

Even if you’ve completely new to Procreate, this guide is user friendly and walks you through everything you need to know!

If you’re curious for a peek inside, watch the video below. Or otherwise, if you’re ready to dive right in, click here to get it now!

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