Rulers for Procreate [free template download]

There’s no doubt I love Procreate and with each release they keep the surprises coming, but something that has been missing from the beginning is rulers. Sure, there is the ‘perspective grid’ assistance guide and a few packs out there where you can either import the grid image or paint with a guidelines brush. These are very useful in certain instances, particularly with calligraphy and lettering work, but there are times I would prefer to work with the measurement markings of a typical ruler (without filling the canvas with grid squares).

If this is something I need, there’s a good chance you would find it useful too, so today I want to share these free inch unit measurement rulers you can use for your own projects. I’ve chosen two popular sizes that give you 3 different dimension options by combining the sizes (8×8” & 10×10” – can also give you 8 x 10”). You see what I mean in the video!

IMPORTANT: before you download, please make sure to watch the below video! When creating these ruler templates I discovered an unusual quirk with Procreate when copying a layer from one canvas to another. It’s important you are aware of this behaviour as it’s not something you might expect and it’ll throw off your ruler measurements if you don’t set up your canvas in the correct way.

Included in the download : 

  • 8×8″ template @300dpi with both horizontal and vertical rulers + mid point of canvas bulls eye
  • 10×10″ template @300dpi with both horizontal and vertical rulers + mid point of canvas bulls eye
  • 8×8″ horizontal ruler png
  • 8×8″ vertical ruler png
  • 10×10″ horizontal ruler png
  • 10×10″ vertical ruler png

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