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Pencils and Paint Texture Kit for Procreate


** Please Note : This kit contains textures and brushes **

Create high-impact paint streaked lettering on the iPad with this texture kit made especially for Procreate!

This kit contains over 100 vibrant textures to bring color and energy to your designs. Authentically sourced from real art materials these textures will save you hours of changing colors for each stroke or searching for that perfect brush to achieve a realistic result.

You only have to scroll Instagram to see how popular streaky paint lettering is. Rather than trying to replicate each individual paint stroke, this pack allows you to create this striking effect by bending and folding pre-made strokes around your letters!

Created to take special advantage of the ‘warp tool’ in Procreate. Previously only achievable in Photoshop or 3D software, it is now possible to create this authentic paint streaked look straight on your iPad from Procreate.

This is only one of many ways to use these versatile textures. They also make awesome backgrounds for eye-catching social posts or stunning elements for packaging or product design and much more!

The colors are easily adjustable using the hue and saturation sliders in Procreate. Play with different layer blend modes for endless options.

This kit is packed with Bonuses too! What better backgrounds to use with your textures with than real paper – black and white card stock backgrounds are included. There’s also 5 artistic style Procreate brushes and 5 splatter brushes for extra realism. And if you like the vibrancy of the textures, you’ll love to hear there’s also two Procreate color palettes containing 40 swatches.

There’s a lot of textures in this pack, so handy reference sheets are supplied so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

You’ll be surprised at how intuitive the warp tool is, but there is a detailed video tutorial included to help you get started, as well as installation steps for setting up in Procreate.

Please Note: The paint textures work on both dark and light backgrounds. Because of the highly textured nature of pencils, separate assets are supplied for use on a light background as well as dark to give you maximum flexibility. The brushes are also included as png textures for compatibility within other applications.

Click here to see a video demo

What you get –

  • 61 x Hi-Res Streaky Paint Textures (separated into cool colours warm colours)
  • 28 x Hi-Res Pencil Textures for use on a black or dark coloured background
  • 30 x Hi-Res Pencil Textures for use on a white or light coloured background


  • 2 x backgrounds – white and black paper textures
  • 2 x Procreate color palettes (40 swatches)
  • 5 x artistic brushes for Procreate
  • 5 x paint splatter effect brushes for Procreate

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Scroll down the page to see a preview of the full kit 
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All textures are high resolution PNG files – 3000 pixels width / 300DPI. 

Note: Brushes made for the Procreate app. The PNG textures will work in any graphics application.


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Pencil texture effect in Procreate
Pencils and Paint Textures
Pencils and Paint Texture Kit for Procreate
Pencils and Paint Texture Kit for Procreate
Pencils and Paint Texture Kit for Procreate
Pencils and Paint Texture Kit for Procreate
Pencils and Paint Texture Kit for Procreate
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2 reviews for Pencils and Paint Texture Kit for Procreate

  1. sur7234

    I just got the Pencil&Paint Kit and it is so full of wonderful stuff. And I love the tutorial on using the textures to warp and make letters – what a great, creative idea – the letters are so pretty. ty Nicole!! 🙂

  2. Adriana

    I love these textures! They were exactly what I was looking for and more! Thank you Nicole!

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