Learn Faux Calligraphy Bundle – Save 10%!


Save 10% when you buy these two Faux Calligraphy Products together! 

What you get : 

1. The Letterforms Guide – learn how to create a real calligraphy look on the iPad without the need for pressure sensitive brushes or complex Apple Pencil mastery. This faux calligraphy guide for Procreate breaks down the step-by-step elements that make up each letterform in both upper and lowercase, so you know exactly where to start and which direction to follow to build your letters.

The kit includes 2 free brushes –  a monoline brush with an even stroke thickness, and a brush that paints especially designed calligraphy guidelines.

2. The Word Practice guideThis Word Practice guide for Procreate is a follow up to the Faux Calligraphy Letterforms Guide. It directly tackles the ‘I’ve got the letterforms down, now what?!’ problem that inevitably follows after covering the basics.

There are 26 pages, using a ‘Cities-of-the-World’ theme it covers A-Z (or Austin-Zurich), with one word for each Uppercase letter of the alphabet.

Don’t guess about connections and spacing, but rather use this guide to build muscle memory and confidence when writing full words.

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