26 Cities – Faux Calligraphy Word Practice for Procreate


This Word Practice guide for Procreate is a follow up to the Faux Calligraphy Letterforms Guide. It directly tackles the ‘I’ve got the letterforms down, now what?!’ problem that inevitably follows after covering the basics.

There are 26 pages, using a ‘Cities-of-the-World’ theme it covers A-Z (or Austin-Zurich), with one word for each Uppercase letter of the alphabet.

Don’t guess about connections and spacing, but rather use this guide to build muscle memory and confidence when writing full words.

The guide is laid out with one word per page, and includes step-by-step instructions building a real calligraphy look using faux calligraphy techniques (aka script lettering). The first step is to make the main outline of the word, the next step is to add contrast by drawing in the heavy downstrokes, and finally, to fill those segments with color! This removes the need for complex Apple Pencil pressure sensitive mastery and you can achieve this look using a single weight brush. There’s a monoline brush included in the download, so you’ll have everything you need to start straight away!

Choose from the dropdown below between digital files only or you can add the printable PDF’s if you also wish to print out the guide. Instructions for setting up in Procreate as well as how to use the guide are included.

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