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Today is our 2nd ‘Make this with…’ session on the blog. I hope you are enjoying these guest tutorials. Not only are we learning new things and getting inspired, but a great side benefit is we get to meet the people behind some of the best Procreate packs out there

In today’s video, I’m joined by Kris Lauren from Pretty Little Lines. Kris is an incredibly talented illustrator specialising in beautiful feminine work. Kris is going to take us through the steps to draw this stunning watercolor rose.

Make this watercolor rose in Procreate

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She starts by stamping her ‘Cup Convex -15’ guide brush to help visualise the perspective of the flower. There are a load of these perspective guide brushes in her Flower Tools Brush Box (48 to be exact), including the 3 she is sharing with you for free below!

She then uses the “Favourite Sketch/Ink” brush to sketch out the petals, stem and leaves. She paints the petals using a variety of watercolor brushes, which are all included in the pack as well.

It was so cool to see her build up this design from scratch and I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy it as well as learn something new too!

Make this with Pretty Little Lines

As I mentioned, Kris also shared a free sample of flower guide brushes from her pack Flower Tools Brush Box (which you can download below the video). So don’t forget to grab that! These guide brushes are amazing to assist drawing flowers at different perspectives so I’m sure you’ll have fun playing around with those.

Ok, so let’s watch the tutorial with Kris!

This post contains affiliate links. I only partner with Procreate packs I’ve tried and genuinely like. Read my disclosure policy here.

Download the free flower guide brushes for Procreate

These 3 guide brushes will help you draw flowers using different perspectives

Pretty Little Lines Freebie sample

Brushes used

The brushes used in this tutorial are from the Flower Tools Brush Box for Procreate from Pretty Little Lines.

Flower Tools Brush Box for Procreate

Thanks again to Kris for this fantastic tutorial and free sample! You can check out more of her work on instagram.

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