Paint a watercolor seashell in Procreate

I don’t know about you, but painting anything beach related immediately brings a sense of calm. Maybe it’s because I grew up by the ocean, or maybe it’s innate and has this effect on everyone.

Combine this with the relaxing art of painting watercolor, and this session is bound to drop your shoulders a notch or two, because today we’re painting a seashell using watercolor brushes.

And don’t worry if you don’t have access to a beach nearby for your reference photos. I’ll show you where you can find a huge range of professional images you are free to use without copyright (even for commercial projects!).

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???? We’ll start by bringing in some textured paper to set the scene for our painting 

???? I’ll show you where you can find your source image (without any copyright issues)

???? We’ll use the amazing ‘reference’ feature in Procreate to load our image source in a separate window within the canvas 

???? I’ll show you the best brushes to build up pigment and do your line work

???? We’ll use clipping masks and blending brushes 

This project is great for both beginners & intermediate Procreate painting levels.

Brushes used

The brushes used in this tutorial are from the AquaReal Watercolor pack for Procreate by Lisa Glanz

AquaReal Watercolour Brushes

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