Hand Lettering + Text in Procreate

Whew, November was intense! The launch of Learn Copperplate Calligraphy course was so. much. fun. but I’ve got to admit, also exhausting! There were a lot of moving parts to bring together for the launch, so I appreciate your patience during those 2 weeks while I paused the blog to focus on it. And it’s been awesome to welcome the 2019 students to the class. They are going through the course now and it’s great getting to know them on the Facebook live sessions!

Today, it’s back to business and we’re creating a lettering composition in Procreate.

This design was the 2nd option for a live demo session I had with Design Cuts recently in October. I’ve had a few requests to publish the full tutorial, so here it is!

One percent better everyday lettering

The piece uses a mix of different techniques including clipping masks, text creation and refining your lettering using layers! There’s a freebie download for one of the paint streak textures used in the tutorial so don’t forget to grab that too (just under the video)!

Incase you’re curious, the quote / concept ‘One percent better everyday‘ is taken from author, James Clear. I’m on his newsletter where he writes about goal setting, motivation and productivity. I love his writings about incremental improvements and ‘the power of tiny gains’. If you’re a fan of that sort of thing, you might enjoy it too!

Ok, let’s dive in!

Download a free paint streak texture here.

The textures are from the full pack Pencils & Paint.
The textured lettering brush is from The Essentials pack here.

Hexadecimal color values are:
Light pink – #E790A8
Dark pink – #A05666

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