Interview with Ivana Marić from le punkt noir

Can you believe….  this is the 51st article published on the blog! Wowzers! It’s been such an awesome ride so far and I wouldn’t be still going wasn’t for you guys. Thank you so much for reading the blog, your comments and emails and of coursesupporting my products – I really appreciate you!
It probably would have made more sense to celebrate the 50th blog post I know, but truth be told it slipped by without me realising. So we’ll just have to celebrate 51 instead! It’s also my birthday today, so that little synch up feels nice 🙂
So today we’re doing something a little different. I invited Ivana Marić to join us for an interview and she kindly accepted. Ivana is a freelance lettering artist and designer based in Kehl, Germany. Her studio name ‘le punkt noir’ is German and French combined, and translates to ‘Black Dot’.

She has a clean, crisp style and a love for vectors. She just released her debut course on Skillshare teaching her process for converting script lettering into vector artwork using Affinity Designer. You’ll hear more about this, plus we talk about working from home, her top influences, creative side projects and freelancing.

You can watch the full interview below, I hope you enjoy!

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