Word Practice Guide for Procreate – Issue 4

It’s the first Thursday of the month, which means it’s time for your free Copperplate Word Practice Guide for Procreate!

If you’re new to these guides, they were created to support the techniques covered in the Premium Course. Once you have learned the fundamentals for letter construction and spacing, these guides provide drills for connecting strokes and balance. Just like a musician-in-training learns the individual notes and plays cover songs, we’re building muscle memory too.

The 8 new words are are:
Natural, Optimistic, Unique, Youthful, Xenia, Zeitgeist, Luminous and Reckless

At least one of each Uppercase Letter and over 30 words are provided across the 4 issues. They are now included in the Premium Course download as a bonus as well.

This is the last word guide for this series, but the ‘First-Thursday’ tradition will continue and they’ll be plenty more freebies and samples to come.

I hope you enjoy using them. I definitely enjoyed creating them!

Free Procreate Word Guide for Copperplate

What’s Included

  • Instructions for importing the files into Procreate
  • Eight new Practice Words in the Procreate file
  • Black guide sheet
  • PNG images of each page

Who is it For

This word practice guide is for a beginners-intermediate skill of Copperplate and to help you apply the techniques you learned in the premium guide. You should have an understanding of the letterforms and spacing before using it.


You need the iPad Pro, Apple pencil (or another pressure sensitive stylus) and the Procreate App

Download your free word guide for Procreate

Important Note

Please don’t try and start writing words until you know how to create the letterforms. You’ll do yourself a disservice and most likely get frustrated and give up. If you are not yet familiar with the fundamentals of Copperplate, you can start with my free email series by signing up below. It covers the basic strokes and most lowercase letterforms.

Or if you want to immediate access to the complete Guide (including spacing rules, Lower and Uppercase Letterforms) – just click here. This post will be here waiting when you are ready!

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