Text on a Curved Path in Procreate

Have you wondered if there’s a way to type along a curved path in Procreate? If so you’re not alone. It’s a question I’ve received several times so I wanted to answer it today.

Software like Photoshop and Illustrator have a feature of the text tool that enables you to snap text to a custom path. It can be a circle, an arc, or even a wavy line.

There’s a lot of situations you might want to do this… logo design or perhaps inside a curved ribbon. Or even just aligning lettering of a quote to an arc shape.

Procreate doesn’t have this feature natively, so we have to get creative and find a work around. It’s a bit more of a manual process, but with some attention to the details you can still get a great result!

I’ll be using text rather than lettering today, but you could use the same method with hand lettering.

Watch the video then see the ‘Take-away’ notes for a few extra pro-tips below.

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Key Take-aways

  • Use a block font rather than a script. We’ll be transforming and rotating each letter so a joined script won’t work well in this instance.
  • Align your text to the middle of the circle before you start distributing it around the curve. This will ensure both the first and last letters line up!
  • Get your text size right first. You don’t want to enlarge or shrink the size one your start moving your letters. 
  • Take a backup of your text before you rasterize. Your text will need to be converted into artwork which will mean you won’t be able to edit it. Take a backup before you do this so you can revert if you notice any spelling mistakes. (Though it’s a good idea to double check everything before you start!) 
  • Watch your kerning. Pay attention to the space between the letters and try keep them consistent.

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