How to make a birthday invitation in Procreate

Our son is turning one in a few days (oh my gosh, where did that year go!), and we’re having a little birthday party for him, so of course I designed some birthday invitations in Procreate!

Our guy is mad about Bluey, which for anyone that doesn’t know is an Aussie cartoon about a Blue Heeler family living in Brisbane. It’s 7 minute bursts of sweetness and as far as kids shows go, probably one of the few that most parents will actually enjoy watching too! There’s a lot of jokes throughout that are genuinely funny, even for the grown ups 😀

Ok, now you know who Bluey is…

In today’s tutorial you’ll learn :


  • How to set up your canvas for print
  • How to find out what any font is and match it with a free version (so useful!)
  • How to install a font in Procreate
  • How to outline text
  • How to cut out images from the background

See the video below for the full tutorial. Underneath the video, you can download the free invitation as a procreate template and the color palette used in the design.

Download the Free birthday invitation template

Download the design template Procreate file and color palette.

For tips on printing your artwork from Procreate, see information here.

Please note : images used for demonstration purposes only and not included in the free template download. Copyright Bluey TV show

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