3 Free Color Palettes for Procreate (90 swatches)

Color is one of those key elements in design that when used well, can take your work from average to outstanding. But choosing harmonious colors can sometimes seem like a dark art. We all have our go-to swatches and exploring outside this range means research + exploration  = time. I’ve often been down a color hunt rabbit hole that consumed an hour or more and most of my creative energy! I then end up making a decision I’m not happy with, just because I ran out of time.

But did you know, Procreate’s Color Panel not only allows you to collect and store your own swatches, but also import palettes shared by others? Yes it does, and I wanted to share the spoils from my color hunting expeditions with you today!

Here are 3 different palettes you can import straight into Procreate to store in your arsenal for when you need them. Each palette contains 30 swatches, ranging from bright and vibrant, to rusty and earthy. They work great for contrasted lettering, color blocking or surface pattern design.

It can be fun to mix up your own taste with combinations you haven’t tried before. Having this variety of options to flick through will save you opening Pinterest every time you need a new palette!

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Get 3 Color Palettes for Procreate

Please Note: These palettes are for the Procreate app only. You’ll find instructions on how to load up the palettes in Procreate included in the download.

If you need help unzipping the file on your iPad (without a computer), see this video for instructions.

The Color Palettes

Free Procreate Color Palette - Pantone 2019 Living Coral

Palette #1 name : Pantone 2019
Inspiration : Pantone Color of the Year
Vibe : Beautiful, energizing, surprising

Pantone know a thing or two about color! If you read any kind of design blogs, you may know the Pantone Color of 2019 is ‘Living Coral 16-1546’ (shown in the first swatch of the palette). I absolutely love this color and often use it in my own work.

The Pantone website helpfully suggests a variety of color palettes focused around it, so I’ve saved these into one for easy access. There are definitely some beautiful combinations contained in here!

Free Procreate Color Palette - Modern and Fresh

Palette #2 name : Modern & Fresh
Inspiration : MTV comeback
Vibe : Vibrant, fun, edgy

I’ve been noticing a trend for really bright and vibrant color use – both for commercial brands as well as on instagram. It communicates a modern and fresh feel (hence the palette name!) as well as lots of personality.

Free Procreate Color Palette - Retro and Vintage

Palette #3 name : Retro & Vintage
Inspiration : Chic bars & dining rooms
Vibe : Warm, graceful, classy

An identifying attribute of vintage design is the use of low-fi colors. They usually consist of more muted tones but often supply a kick of contrast. This set of 30 swatches contain a variety of harmonious vintage colors that pair well together.

I hope these suggested palettes help get the creative juices flowing and solve your color woes! I’d love to know which is your favourite palette, just leave a comment below.

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