How to Unzip & Install Custom Procreate Brushes (iPad only)

*** Updated Jan 2020 *** This video shows how to unzip and install custom Procreate brushes on your iPad without the need for a desktop computer or any 3rd party apps.

Towards the end of the video, we’ll look at the difference between importing a Brush Set file (.brushset) and an individual Brush file (.brush).

5 replies on “How to Unzip & Install Custom Procreate Brushes (iPad only)

  • Kathy

    Thanks so much for this Nicole. I’m new to this and importing brushes was driving me nuts. What a pleasure when you know how to do it correctly! Finding that Document app was really helpful. Thanks again…now on to the fun stuff:)

  • Braylyn

    So glad you had a tutorial. I always use Firefox so when I tried to open the link it wouldn’t open and didn’t give me the option to open in my iCloud files. I had to copy the link and redownload and open via Safari and then it worked. Thank so much!

    • Nicole Mauloni

      Ah! That is good for me to know Braylyn, thank you. I always use Safari, but if someone else gets stuck, this could be a potential troubleshoot. Glad you found a work around. Thanks!


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