How to Create Text in Procreate! (Yes, Text. Type. With Fonts!)

It’s been awhile since the last big update from Savage, so today was exciting news for Procreate fans! With very little notice (but lots of instagram story teasing with no mention of a date), Savage just released Procreate 4.3 early this morning. This new update included one of the most highly requested features – the ability to create Text!

This is huge. Previously, if you wanted to use text you needed to create it in another app (such as Over or Affinity), and import a rasterized version of it. That meant you couldn’t directly edit the text in Procreate, so if any changes were needed it was necessary to return to the app you created it in. Tedious.

But not anymore! With the update to 4.3, it is now a simple matter of going to your ‘Actions’ panel and choosing ‘Add Text’. You can type away to your heart’s content and make as many edits as you need!


How to create Text in Procreate

This is a game changer for how people use the app. From hand lettering artists, illustrators and designers, more and more people are using Procreate as their go-to design tool. Now with the fundamental feature of text, there are less reasons to leave the app.

See the video demo below for a look at the Text Tool features + how to install custom fonts!

8 replies on “How to Create Text in Procreate! (Yes, Text. Type. With Fonts!)

  • Mike

    Great review of the new text feature! Exciting addition that is long overdue. Looks like they didn’t take any shortcuts either.

  • Sue

    Thanks so much for sharing Nicole. It is long overdue and such a great addition. I’ve not been able to angle the text box for different orientations though. I seem to only be able to get a horizontal or vertical box. Any ideas?

    • Nicole Mauloni

      Hi Sue, I’m not sure I totally understand what you are asking. If you tap the text box, you get a popup to change to ‘Vertical’ orientation. Otherwise, you could rotate the text manually… Hope that helps, but email me if you meant something different. Thanks!


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