Learn Animation Assist in Procreate 5

This week, we’re looking at the new ‘Animation Assist’ feature in Procreate 5. Procreate introduced the ability to animate fairly recently (only one or two versions ago), but it was pretty basic to start with.

But since ‘Animation Assist’ launched with Procreate 5, there were some big improvements, including: 

  • Control the animation via the new toolbar
  • Preview the animation within in the app
  • A group now counts as a single frame (we no longer need to flatten the image!)
  • Change style of animation (one shot, loop, ping pong)
  • Addition of Onion Skinning settings
  • Set foreground and Background elements

Watch the video demo below to checkout these brand new features in action! There’s a free template provided below if you wish to follow along with the tutorial.


Export your animation

Once you’re finished editing and you are happy with your animation, you can export as a ‘.MP4’ or animated ‘.gif’ file. Just go to the ‘Share’ menu under the actions panel and choose your file type from the ‘Share Layers’ section.

Note: The ‘.MP4’ format will work fine on Instagram! 

Export animation from Procreate 5

➡️ Click here to see the cute font used in the illustration.

➡️ Click here to read more about Animation Assist in the Procreate Handbook.

Download the free Procreate file

Download the illustration used in the video demo to follow along!

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  • Kate

    Hi Nicole: Thank you so much for all of your helpful tips and tricks. I learn so much every time. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to export the new animation assist videos for social media platforms like Instagram? I can’t find any information online about how to do this. Thanks in advance!


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