Free Word Practice Guide for Procreate – Issue 3

Issue 3 of the free Copperplate Word Practice Guide is ready for you! These materials are a support for the Copperplate Premium Course and will help you practice the techniques learned within the full guide. Tracing over the examples in these word guides and then practicing for yourself gives a practical understanding of balance and visual space. They are also a great way of getting warmed up!

If you missed the previous issues, the first one is here, and the second here.

Please only use these resources once you have an understanding of Copperplate letterform construction (both upper and lowercase). It’s easy to trace over what you see in these guides, but the strokes don’t always start and end where you assume. It’s important to draw and connect strokes the correct way and in the right order. Like anything – once you do it a certain way, it’s hard to re-train yourself differently. Learn the fundamentals. Either from me or someone else. These resources will be here when you are ready.

I’ve focused on making sure you have a good selection of different letters over these last 3 issues. Some letterforms require different space before or after, so practicing with these drills will help you get a feel for those cases in context.

There are 8 new words included in this issue :

Powerful, Mountain, Fearless, Knockout, Whisper, Jacuzzi, Request, Helpful

This is the second last issue, so if there is any word you would like me to include in the final download, just leave a comment below!

Free Copperplate Practice Guide Procreate - Issue 3

What’s included?

  • Instructions for importing the files into Procreate
  • Eight new Practice Words in the Procreate file
  • Black guide sheet
  • PNG images of each page


Who is it for?

This word practice guide is for a beginners-intermediate skill of Copperplate. You should have an understanding of the letterforms and spacing.



You need the iPad Pro, Apple pencil (or another pressure sensitive stylus) and the Procreate App. You can use older iPads and other compatible styluses, though it has only been tested on the iPad Pro.

Download your free word guide for Procreate

Important Note

If you are not yet familiar with the fundamentals of Copperplate, start with my free email series by signing up below. This covers the basic strokes and lowercase letterforms. It will give you a good taste for Copperplate Calligraphy and if it’s a style you’d like to learn.

Or if you want to immediate access to the Complete Copperplate Course (including everything you need to write script independently) – just click here. This post will be here waiting when you are ready!

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