How to paint 3D models in Procreate 5.2

If you remember last time we looked at the new features in Procreate 5.2. We only touched on 3D and I said we would cover that in depth in the next video. Well this is that video and today we’re talking all things 3D.

See the below video for :

  • how to import the default 3D models
  • how to pan and zoom 3D objects
  • 2 different ways to apply a texture
  • how to adjust the lighting and change the environment
  • how to paint on a 3D surface

If you’re keen to try 3D painting yourself, you might be interested in the Glitter & Foil kit for Procreate which are used in the above demo. This pack was just updated with 38 new 3D brushes and 2 3D models. The G&F kit was literally made for 3D, with the new reflective 3D properties adding so much sparkle and shine it’s got to be seen to be believed. Check out the full pack here.

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This event has now passed, click here to see the replay

How to paint 3D Models in Procreate

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