Remove Backgrounds easily with Blending Modes

Last week we saw that using blending modes can do wonders to enhance your lettering projects, creating some really amazing results.

There’s something else that make blending modes incredibly useful and can really get you out of a pickle! There’s been more than one occasion when I’ve realised I’ve lettered straight on-top of a white background layer. Meaning the lettering and background are both on the one layer. I can’t then use the lettering with another background because the white background is covering anything underneath!

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Remove a White Background with Blending Modes

The example project consists of a layer with black text on a white background and a marbled texture layer underneath. We are unable to see the marble pattern below the lettering layer because the white background is part of the layer and covering anything sitting under it.

Remove white background in Procreate

But it is possible fix this easily without recreating the lettering or using layer masks, with the use of blending modes! You can access blending modes by tapping the little ‘N’ icon on the layer thumbnail. It will expand a scrollable panel of options to choose from.

Change the blending mode of the lettering layer to ‘Multiply’ and you’ll see it completely knocks out the white background, leaving you with lettering on the marbled background.

A very quick and easy fix!

Remove a Black Background with Blending Modes

So we can do it with white backgrounds, what about black? It works just the same, only we use a different blending mode. Set the blend mode of the layer to ‘Screen’ and it will remove the  black background! 

Remove black background in Procreate

And that’s it! Such a simple but useful trick to know about for those times you need to remove the background from a layer!

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