Free Flourished Worksheet for Procreate [September]

This month’s free Procreate worksheet is designed to help you improve your calligraphy skills, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. It includes three different traceable styles for writing ‘September’ with unique flourishes and lettering variations. Plus, my own calligraphy brush is included too!

September Flourishing Practice for Procreate
Beautiful paper background from Edith Rewa Botanicals Book Of Wrapping Paper

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Free 'September' Flourishing Worksheet

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Practice Tips!

You’ll see when you open it in Procreate, I recommend a 3 step process to practice each variation of the word ‘September’.

Step One
Start by getting familiar with how the strokes and letters are made and when to pick up your pencil by removing the added complexity of the thick and thin strokes. So in this first example we simply trace the word using a standard Procreate brush called ‘HB Pencil’. This doesn’t have any pressure sensitive settings, so it gives the same weight to your strokes.

iPad Calligraphy Step 1

Step Two
Next we introduce pressure! Using the special calligraphy style brush included in your download, trace the example again, but this time apply pressure to your downstrokes. This will give you the thick and thin strokes that feature in this style.

iPad Calligraphy Step 2

Step Three
And finally in step three, you can take off the training wheels and try practicing on the blank row provided without tracing! I know it sounds scary at first, but it really is the way to progress your skills and move forward. And if you don’t feel ready, just repeat Step 2 a few more times by adding a blank layer above the instructions page!

iPad Calligraphy Step 3

Rinse and Repeat!
You can use this method for each example. I hope you enjoy!

What is Procreate up to?!

Procreate announcement

If you follow Procreate on any of the socials, you would have spotted a very enticing announcement from Savage (the developers of Procreate). It’s all very mysterious. The only information given is “Over 10 years ago we changed the creative industry. Now, we’re ready to do it again.”

There’s a lot of speculation about what they might be talking about, from animation improvements to audio capabilities! Who knows what it could be!?

But never fear, there’s not long to wait as all will be revealed on September 8, 2023 at the ‘Playgrounds in Motion’ festival, hosted in my old stomping ground, London UK. 

You can click here to register free for the livestream at 4pm BST

Place your bets in the comments below! 

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