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Convert to CMYK in Procreate

I can guarantee you that one or both of the following things will happen in your Procreate future (if not already that is...) You created a design you’re really proud of, but you made it in RGB colour format and you need to convert it to CMYK so that you can print it out. Or… [...]

‘Gesture like a boss in Procreate’ [free cheat sheet]

The Procreate interface is simple and minimal in its design. It’s incredibly intuitive, but can be tricky to get your head around if you’re completely new. Most of the toolbars are out of sight. This gives a nice clear view of the artwork, but can be intimidating for newbies to find their way around. The [...]

Turn your iPad into a lightbox

There’s so many advantages to digital lettering. Once you buy your brushes or textures, you can use them over and over again, and they never run out. You don’t have constant costs like pens and paper. It’s completely mess free. Your Apple Pencil can create an endless amount of styles & effects in the one [...]