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Free Flourished Worksheet for Procreate [September]

This month's free Procreate worksheet is designed to help you improve your calligraphy skills, whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist. It includes three different traceable styles for writing 'September' with unique flourishes and lettering variations. Plus, my own calligraphy brush is included too! Enter your details below to download this free flourished worksheet [...]

How to use Procreate’s Reference Feature for Calligraphy

Have you discovered Procreate’s Reference Window yet? It’s not a new feature but how you think to use it might be! Incase you haven’t tried it before, it allows you to load an image in a separate window right within the canvas. You can move the window anywhere on the screen, you can even scale [...]

Color this with me! Free Floral design for Procreate

We’ve talked many times about the power of calligraphy in terms of relaxation, mindfulness and stress relief… Well, there’s another creative activity that shares those benefits. Colouring in has been known to relax the mind, improve motor skills and reduce anxiety. Today I want to bring a bit of stress relief to your life so [...]