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3 Decorative Ways to Flourish ‘December’

Get ready for some festive lettering with the December edition of the free flourishing worksheet for Procreate🎄🎄🎄 Giving you 3 creative options to write and flourish the word ‘December’, this beginner friendly worksheet is broken into 3 handy steps. And of course, I haven't forgotten your trusty pressure-sensitive brush – it's included in the download [...]

Free November Worksheet for Procreate

Your free November worksheet for Procreate is ready! And as usual, there’s 3 flourished variations to explore. And of course your essential pressure sensitive brush is included along with the Procreate worksheet in the download below.  The exercise is broken into 3 steps. Step number 1 gives you the directional arrows to follow, showing you [...]

Free Flourished Worksheet for Procreate [write October 3 ways]

October is a special month! Can you believe we’re starting the last 90 days of the year already?! If you had big plans to improve your calligraphy skills in 2023 but got sidetracked, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The year isn’t over yet, and I’m here to help!  It’s my mission to inspire and encourage [...]