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No More Shaky Strokes in Procreate [2023]

If you want smoother strokes in procreate, there are two key settings you need to know about.  The simple tweaks I'm about to show you today are incredibly useful for lettering and calligraphy, illustrators and tattoo artists. It will give you improved line stability and precision, so you can completely remove wobbly or shaky strokes.  [...]

Fix Procreate Lettering (Do this!)

It might look like the lettering you see online is the result of these amazing flawless artists who get it right every time. That's not the case digital Calligraphy is super organic and forgiving. The results you see is often the culmination of a lot of tweaks and iterations behind the scenes. Today I share my [...]

3 Procreate Tips for Left Handed Calligraphy

Before we get into it, disclaimer. I am not left handed. I use my right hand, but I've had enough people ask me about resources for left handers to do some digging and I've compiled these tips that I think are going to help if you are left handed! Tip #1 Flip the Procreate Interface [...]