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Turn your iPad into a lightbox

There’s so many advantages to digital lettering. Once you buy your brushes or textures, you can use them over and over again, and they never run out. You don’t have constant costs like pens and paper. It’s completely mess free. Your Apple Pencil can create an endless amount of styles & effects in the one [...]

Make this with … Pretty Little Lines

Today is our 2nd ‘Make this with…’ session on the blog. I hope you are enjoying these guest tutorials. Not only are we learning new things and getting inspired, but a great side benefit is we get to meet the people behind some of the best Procreate packs out there!  In today's video, I’m joined [...]

Paint a watercolor seashell in Procreate

I don’t know about you, but painting anything beach related immediately brings a sense of calm. Maybe it’s because I grew up by the ocean, or maybe it’s innate and has this effect on everyone. Combine this with the relaxing art of painting watercolor, and this session is bound to drop your shoulders a notch [...]