iPad Calligraphy Turns 1 [Spoiler Alert – Free Stuff]!

I’ll keep this short and sweet today, but I wanted to mark this special occasion – on the 15th of December 2016 this here website went live! An anniversary seems like a good opportunity to reflect. 

While I haven’t hit *all* my goals for the year, (I literally have about 20 product ideas and 15 blog topics drafted in my ‘Ideas’ note in Bear), this just excites me about what is yet to come!

I started this website as an outlet for calligraphy and lettering, accountability for practicing regularly and to make sure I was reserving time for a hands-on craft. When I think back, I was so nervous to start a blog and create my own products and tutorials. I was nervous to commit, nervous to produce…  but I’m so glad I did! It’s been awesome to see this resource help others interested in digital calligraphy, as well as push me to grow and improve my own skills.

Three Gifts for You

I wanted to celebrate by offering a few little gifts to say thank you. I love that many of you have been on my newsletter since the very first emails. You’ve clicked every link, read every blog post and downloaded all the brushes (I really do notice and appreciate that – so thank you sincerely)!

1. Free Shape Brushes for Procreate

Something I’ve seen a lot of people asking for recently is shape brushes. Procreate is an awesome app, but sometimes you just want a perfect circle, a rectangle, or square to frame your lettering. They are even handy to use as an alignment guide (if you wanted to have your lettering written to form a circle shape for example).

I thought a little freebie pack of standard shape brushes would be useful to you. This is a sample taken from the Shape and Ornaments pack.

Free Procreate Shape Brushes
The circle stamp brush is great for framing your lettering. (The other shape and design motifs used are included in the full Ornaments pack)

What shapes are included in the download?
There are eight stamp brushes included : Circle, Diamond, Oval, 2 x Polygons, Rectangle, Square and Triangle. Download them via the box below.

Download your free shape brushes for Procreate

2. 30% Off Everything in the Store!

Ok, onto your second gift… I’m not really a big fan of ‘Black Friday’ or those kind of scheduled discount days. I’d much rather surprise you! So along with your free brushes, you also get 30% off anything in the shop for 72 hours only! The discount is already applied to all items, so no need to enter any coupon codes.

3. A Second Chance to Get Fabian’s Brush Pack

Do you remember that limited time brush pack from Fabian Fischer back in September? It was only available for the limited time of one month. Some that missed out asked for another opportunity to get those brushes, so here it is!

Fabian’s Brushes are now back and available in the shop for the next 72 hours! (And FYI, they are also included in the 30% discount sale)

Remember, the 30% off sale and Fabian’s pack are only available for the next 72 hours. (Offer ends Sunday 17:00 AEDT).

Enjoy, have a happy holiday season and Merry Christmas!

Before I go, I just want to shout out to Dustin Lee for his encouragement and support in the early days (’cause sometimes you just need a nudge, right?).

Dustin is a super generous guy of many talents and an endless energy for helping others. Check out his shop RetroSupply, for cool vintage brushes and effects for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Dustin Lee




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