Featured Guest Artist – Fabian Fischer

Today’s blog post is something a bit different from the usual format. As an avid reader of other lettering and calligraphy blogs, I love when I’m introduced to a surprise guest artist. The author interviews them or presents some of their work. Sometimes I’m familiar with the guest, sometimes I’m not, but I enjoy the variety. Coming recommended from someone I already know, the style is usually to my taste too. I wanted to take this concept a bit further…

Exclusive Guest Artist Goodies

I’m happy to introduce you to our first ever Featured Guest Artist, Fabian Fischer! We will look at some of Fabian’s work today, but most excitingly of all, the brushes he used to make some of these pieces are available exclusively in the iPC shop for a limited time! [This offer has now expired]

Fabian has put this pack together especially for you (these brushes are not available anywhere else). They are here for one month only and won’t be sold as a bundle like this again. That’s pretty special. And to stay true to our First Thursday tradition, we’re giving away a free sample brush from the pack to try out (so make sure you read to the end to get that freebie)!

A Bit About Fabian

Without further ado, let’s meet Fabian.

You may have heard of him already (especially if you are a member of the Hand Lettering with Procreate Facebook group he started). Based in Ravensburg, Southern Germany, Fabian’s stroke of choice is undoubtedly Brush Script.

Calligraphy by Fabian Fischer - Serenity
Created using the ‘Brush Dry’ and the 'iPC Splash 3' brushes (included in the pack)
Calligraphy by Fabian Fischer - Delusion
Created using the 'Narrow Shadow' and the 'iPC Splash 3' brushes (included in the pack)

We’ve been connected on social media for some time and I really love the strong style and expression that comes across in his work. Music is definitely a big inspiration for Fabian – he’ll often choose a single word from a song lyric and write it with meaning! He seems to have an insatiable energy for his craft and is always trying something new to push his style.

Calligraphy by Fabian Fischer
Fabian Fischer Studio

Fabian has been practising lettering and calligraphy since late 2015. He designs his own fonts, works with brands on their logos and identitybroadcasts to his YouTube Channel as well as teaching classes on Skillshare. This guy is seriously prolific!

Fabian Fischer Undone Lettering

You can watch Fabian’s lettering class on Skillshare to learn how he made the piece above look dimensional.

The Brush Bundle

[Please note, these brushes are no longer available.] The tools don’t make the artist, but they certainly do help! Fabian has put together a unique set of custom Procreate Brushes especially for you. (Including the brushes he used to create the first two pieces in this post.)

A collection of 9 calligraphy brushes with varying amount of ink levels making it easy to replicate a similarly artistic style. 3 of these brushes have thin line outside the main stroke, plus there’s two shadow brushes which enable you to draw your stroke and shadow in one movement – a big time saver, not to mention better accuracy to your shadows (seriously, you’ll love these!).

Fabian Fischer Brushes iPad Calligraphy

You’ve probably noticed that ink splash textures feature a lot in Fabian’s work. He has also included 3 different stamp brushes which create this effect with the tap of your pencil. No more exporting to Photoshop and applying textures separately (or getting your desk dirty for that matter)!

Fabian Fischer Brushes iPad Calligraphy

Available For One Month Only

Here today, gone tomorrow. If you love what you see, get in quick. This pack is here for one month and the deal will expire on the 5th October. These brushes will not be sold as a bundle like this again. So don’t miss out – click the button below to get the exclusive bundle and save over 15%!

Download a Sample Brush Free

Want to try out one of the brushes first? Click here to download a free sample.

I hope you enjoy this special Brush Pack. You can say hi to Fabian on his Instagram.

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