Free Procreate Brushes – Sample Download

I’ve got something special for you today! Procreate brushes are like good friends. You can never have too many of them. Zach from Creative Market has kindly offered to share a sample from his new Cartoon Brush Pack with you for FREE. Thanks Zach!

The full pack contains over 30 handmade brushes for Procreate with textured grain and gritty edges. Perfect for creating authentic looking hand lettering pieces and adding textured backgrounds to your designs.

There’s brush pens, markers, crayon and chalk, pencils and textured brushes! See the image below for a reference to the full pack. The brushes included in the download are marked ‘*’.

Free Brush Pack Reference

I’ve given this pack a test drive, and hand picked 5 brushes I think you’ll really enjoy.

Included in the free download is:

1 x Kid’s Colour Pencil
1 x Kid’s Crayon #3
1 x Chalk brush
1 x Busted Shadow Brush
1 x Dots (Texture Brush)

It comes with instructions for installing the brushes in Procreate too.

Download Your Free Brushes

Please note: These brushes are for the Procreate App only and will not work in Photoshop or other graphics applications. 👇

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