3 Decorative Ways to Flourish ‘December’

Get ready for some festive lettering with the December edition of the free flourishing worksheet for Procreate🎄🎄🎄

Giving you 3 creative options to write and flourish the word ‘December’, this beginner friendly worksheet is broken into 3 handy steps. And of course, I haven’t forgotten your trusty pressure-sensitive brush – it’s included in the download along with the Procreate worksheet.

You can grab your last flourishing worksheet for the year below! And the other 4 worksheets in this series are at the bottom of the post

Free 'December' Flourished Worksheet

Download the free Procreate worksheet and calligraphy brush

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How to use the worksheet

You’ll see when you open the worksheet in Procreate, I recommend a 3 step process to practice each variation of the word ‘December’.

Step One
Start by getting familiar with how the strokes and letters are made and when to pick up your pencil by removing the added complexity of the thick and thin strokes. So in this first example we simply trace the word using a standard Procreate brush called ‘HB Pencil’. This doesn’t have any pressure sensitive settings, so it gives the same weight to your strokes.

iPad Calligraphy Step 1

Step Two
Next we introduce pressure! Using the special calligraphy style brush included in your download, trace the example again, but this time apply pressure to your downstrokes. This will give you the thick and thin strokes that feature in this style.

iPad Calligraphy Step 2

Step Three
And finally in step three, you can take off the training wheels and try practicing on the blank row provided without tracing! I know it sounds scary at first, but it really is the way to progress your skills and move forward. And if you don’t feel ready, just repeat Step 2 a few more times by adding a blank layer above the instructions page!

iPad Calligraphy Step 3

Rinse and Repeat!
You can use this method for each example. And a quick Pro Tip : just create a new blank layer if you want to trace the word a few times before writing on your own. Happy Lettering!

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