3 Essential Tips for Lettering on the iPad

How to create stunning lettering on the iPad
without the creativity crushing overwhelm of learning Procreate at the same time



Letterform DNA

The absolute essential components to letterform construction and common beginner mistakes to avoid.


Spacing Secrets

Good lettering needs a balance of visual space between the letters. This tip was what made it all click for me!


Flourishing Fundamentals

You’ll learn techniques for flourishing (and what they are if you’re not sure!) that will immediately transform your work.


Game-Changer Procreate Hacks

When you sign up for this free training, you’ll immediately receive a download to ‘7 Game-changer Procreate Hacks‘!

This Masterclass is a MUST attend if…

You’re an aspiring iPad lettering artist or creative doodler, looking to impress on the iPad and slash the Procreate learning curve

You recognise how game-changing Procreate is for creativity & lettering and are not afraid to jump in and have a go!

You value your self-care time and never get tire of watching lettering videos on instagram (your feed is full of them ???? )!

7 Game-changer Procreate Hacks!

When you sign up for this free training, you’ll immediately receive a download to 7 Game-changer Procreate Hacks containing knock-out tips for raise your Procreate game! (It was made especially for this training and not currently available anywhere else.)

7 Gamechanger Procreate Tips

A Personal Invite from Nicole…

Nicole Mauloni - iPad Calligraphy

I’ve been practicing and teaching calligraphy and lettering on the iPad for four years now.

Thousands of people have gone through my training and I’ve loved seeing the beautiful work they produce as a result.

This brand new 2019 training is the culmination of everything I’ve learned for both Procreate and Lettering along the way. I’ve distilled down the tips and tricks to help you transition into a confident iPad Lettering artist!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and give it a go, I can’t wait to see you there!

Nicole Mauloni

Please note: You’ll get the most out of this training if you own an iPad that is compatible with the Apple Pencil. You’ll also need an Apple Pencil or pressure sensitive stylus to take advance of the techniques.

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